November 25, 2014 

    Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.”  Mother Teresa 

    As part of my gratitude for all of those who have given so much love and support to me over this year- I am doing a series featuring 12 superheroes parents that are inspiring. Each parent/family chosen will be featured in a photo series with a personal interview. I need your help in spreading the word to help me find these amazing people. Each family featured will receive an exclusive free photo shoot and photos from the shoot. 


    One of my clients wanted to donate a session to a friend/co-worker who is battling a rare cancer as a gift to the family. When I went to photograph the family - I was inspired by Kyle, a former college football player, father, husband who now has a rare form of cancer and amputated leg. Despite this, Kyle was running, laughing and wrestling with his daughter not allowing the cancer to make him miss a beat with his family. Still giving every ounce of his being. The family's spirit and love were contagious.  


    As part of his long, ongoing battle against cancer,  Kyle had a leg amputation in December of 2013, with the hope that the surgery would rid his body of this disease. Unfortunately, it had already spread and in 2014 he had a new mass appear in his lung that required surgery. Another mass has recently been diagnosed in his hip bone that will require treatment.

    His cancer, an extremely rare sarcoma called adamantinoma, To put in perspective how uncommon it is, sarcomas represent approximately 1% of all adult cancers, while adamantinoma accounts for about 1% of all sarcomas. As is the case with many rare cancers, it does not have a prescribed treatment plan, so obtaining a long term diagnosis is difficult.

    “I understand that my future is uncertain”, Kyle acknowledges. “Because of that fact, my goal is to be as active as possible and give my family and friends as many lasting memories as I can squeeze out of this body." 

    You can donate here - www.supportcream.com and read more on his wife's blog- http://nolegnoproblem.blogspot.com/

    In reality, we are all like Kyle in one way, our future is uncertain. We are all facing a battle some small and some that may seem impossible.  Being with this family reminded me that we have a choice each day - we can allow those battles to defeat us and steal the most beautiful gift we have to give our children and those around us- or to overcome them- Your kids are counting on you- to lead the way- Let's make the most of the time we have here and pour love into those around us. 

    "A gift that can be given by the rich or the poor is a gift of the heart and means so much more." 


    • Send a personal testimony of why this parent is a Superhero and what extraordinary ways they are giving and loving their family.
    • Include the parent’s contact information: email or phone
    • Must reside in LA, OC area or within 1 hour of LA
    • Submit to hello@ambercruse.com
    • Submission will be taken each month until I receive 12 total families to feature 


    Sending you love,  

    ~ Amber